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What is traffic generation?

13 Aug

Traffic is the main feature required in internet marketing. All online marketers struggle a lot to generate this online traffic so they can lead the brand of their business. you need to learn how to generate traffic. but before learning how to generate you should know what is traffic and what are different types .to explain you I will divide the traffic generation in two types ,broadly,

a) Organic traffic

b) Paid traffic

Organic traffic

this kind of traffic can also be referred to as a free traffic. this is so because you don’t have  to pay any money to generate this traffic. but it requires a lot of handwork from your side. this can be generated by placing messages in social networking sites,Facebook communities , YouTube,discussion forms.Articles and blog posts distributed online on blogs, article directories and other content sharing sites can be set up in a way using keywords, strategic titles, descriptions and keywords or tags so that the search engines can index and expose your content when searchers key in queries containing the keywords or phrases in your content.This allows your content to be shown in the listings given to searchers as they type in queries on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. This is yet another way to generate free, or “ORGANIC” traffic.

Paid traffic

this kind traffic is generated by paid advertising.It’s still the quickest way to get prospects in front of your sales message. Paid Traffic comes from ONLINE advertising and OFFLINE advertising.

online advertising consists of

  • PayPerClick ads
  • email advertising
  • paid banner ads
  • paid classified ads online

You’ll need to learn to generate both Paid Traffic and Organic Traffic in order to have a well-rounded and productive online business. The most intelligent way to plan and execute a traffic generation strategy is to begin by generating the quicker PAID TRAFFIC with direct and focused advertising campaigns. but besides that you should also take care of Organic traffic by putting up fresh content.

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What is organic traffic ?

9 Aug

Many newbie might not be aware of what does this term organic traffic means. here in this post I will try you make understand with this term and also make you familiar with this term

Organic traffic as a definition:it’s all the web traffic which is sent to your blog from targeted keywords which searched over the world-wide web using search engines like (Google,Yahoo.Bing,..) the best thing about this traffic is that it is free and unpaid .

It does not take any work from you to get the traffic to your blog.with proper keyword and SEO you can see the free traffic coming to your blog .

The consistency of relevant topics and new content will help your website rank better in Google an overall increase your organic traffic.its simple, the more the content your blog have the more you will be cached and more will be your organic traffic you will receive generating organic traffic is far from consistently update your blog with new and unique content.The less you update your article the less you will be pushed in Google’s index

and one more thing which I will like to share with you is about the term “tags” what are these.In brief I can tell you that it is like a sub headings in you book. so with every post try filling tags relevant to your post.

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