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Facebook changes privacy settings

27 May

After weeks of backlash from users, partners, advertisers and government bodies Facebook has responded with changes to their privacy settings, empowering users to better privacy settings. Facebook has introduced new privacy settings aimed at making it easier for users to have more control over their personal information and what they share.

Privacy Settings page

A new control now makes it easy to share on Facebook with friends, and friends of friends or everyone in one click. The settings are immediately applied and displayed in a grid. Users will be able to customize their settings to control their level of sharing. The settings will now appear on a single page.

it has also make it simple to control whether other applications and websites access any user information. While a majority of our users love Facebook apps and Facebook-enhanced websites, some may prefer not to share their information outside of Facebook. Users can now opt out with just one click.

As the news starts to filter out across the Internet and mainstream media it will be interesting to see if these changes have actually have positive impact and users come back to the social network.

What do you think?  Are the changes meeting your major complaints?


Facebook messages in sidebars in windows 7

20 May

a completly new software launched custmizing facebook acocount to your sidebar. You can now view your messages  in your sidebar.

some silent features are are:-

• Easy to use interface
• Set or clear status messages from the sidebar
• Check how many incoming messages you have
• View, comment, and like friend activities

• If the gadget isn’t updating, simply re-add it to the sidebar.
• Logout is located in the settings panel and will clear all session info.
• Version 1.1.0 fixes the login, stream, and posting issues from past versions.

if you dont have windows 7 theres a simple technique you can also refer to my earlier post

(adding facebook in firefox sidebar)


Creating your facebook Badges

16 Jan

we can create a Facebook badge in jus few easy steps  .all we need to got editing Facebook profile badge page click the edit this badgethen simply this kind of badge will is prepared shown below

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Facebook chat Smileys and text formatting

16 Jan

Heres a list of guidance which u can  use in Facebook in formatting the many forums they have given many formats of editing yoUr text in Facebook .here is a simple and easy way so you can enrich ur text in Facebook.

The first half of the article dumb down how to send both bold and underlined text in Facebook Chat windows, and the second half lists every smiley and emoticon, including the hidden ones!


To make your text bold put the line between two Astrid sign (* your text*)

To underline your text, place it between two underscore characters.

_Important Point_ will display  in Facebook Chat as: Important Point

To underline and make bold, place the text between both asterisk and underscore characters.

*_STOP_* will display in Facebook Chat as: STOP

Smiley’s table

Smile 🙂 or 🙂 or :] or =)
Frown 😦 or 😦 or :[ or =(
Tongue :p or :-p or =P
Grin 😀 or 😀 or =D
Gasp :O or :-O or 😮 or 😮
Wink 😉 or 😉
Glasses 8) or 😎 or B) or B-)
Sunglasses 8| or 8-| or B| or B-|
Grumpy 😡 or >:-(
Unsure :/ or :-/ or :\ or :-\
Cry 😥
Devil 3:) or 3:-)
Angel O:) or O:-)
Kiss :* or :-*
Kiki ^_^
Squint -_-
Confused O.o or o.O
Upset >:O or >:-O or >:o or >:-o
Pacman :v
Colon Three :3
Robot * :|]
Putnam * :putnam:
Shark * (^^^)
Penguin * <(“)

So there you have it! The emoticons marked with an asterix are not contained in the normal CSS sprites, and are hidden as far as we are concerned.

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