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How to Add Google Sitemap to Blog?

2 Aug

Most of the new bloggers are often wondering that how to submit a site or what is it..?

what are sitemaps.?

Site maps are a way to tell Google about pages on your site we might not otherwise discover. In its simplest terms, a XML Sitemap—usually called Sitemap, with a capital S—is a list of the pages on your website. Creating and submitting a Sitemap helps make sure that Google knows about all the pages on your site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google’s normal crawling process.

when sitemaps are usefull?

  • Your site has dynamic content.
  • Your site has pages that aren’t easily discovered by Googlebot during the crawl process—for example, pages featuring rich AJAX or images.
  • Your site is new and has few links to it. (Googlebot crawls the web by following links from one page to another, so if your site isn’t well linked, it may be hard for us to discover it.)
  • Your site has a large archive of content pages that are not well linked to each other, or are not linked at all.

how to submit a sitemap.?

  1. you need to have a Google account
  2. sign in with your Google id in  webmaster tools
  3. you will find an add site  tab add your website URL (  for users).this is same for even blogs on
  4. then under site configurations u will find sitemaps click on it.
  5. then click on submit site map and then write (
  6. hit submits sitemap tab.
  7. and it finished your sitemap have been submitted

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File Transfer with Orkut and iGoogle Friends from Chat Window

31 Mar

Google has enabled the functionality to share photos, documents, and other files while chatting with your friends and family in iGoogle and Orkut. File transfer works directly in the browser without needing to install anything.

This feature is also compatible with the file transfer functionality in the Google Talk client software, so you can share files directly from the web version to the desktop version.

File transfer is available in orkut and iGoogle only for now. Google promises to bring this functionality to Gmail soon.

From the new toolbar on the top of the chat window, you click the blue camera and phone icons to start video and voice chats with your friends or the group chat icon to add additional friends to a text chat.[source]

Block Flash animations in Google Chrome

29 Mar

Are you interested in blocking Flash Animations on sites which slows up your PC speed on opening and the site which you like to open often .so here the solution through which you can just turn of the flash animations in your browsers. For this go to the Chrome Extension Gallery and I found a very good flash blocking extension. It’s called Flash Block.

The main benefit of using this extension is that you can reduce the memory usage, CPU cycle, web-page loading time and broadband usage charge. It will also block advertisements.

(click here to download)

how does it work..???

Once installed, Flash animations will show as a grayed out icon in your browser window. To view them, just click on them once.

The interesting thing about this extension is that, after installing, when you visit a site you will see a placeholder in the place of flash contents or flash videos. If you want to view the content, just click the placeholder, other flash contents on that page remains blocked.

we can also disable it manually by entering their URLs into the white list,from the extension options menu.

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Some Useful Tips For Google Chrome

5 Feb

Google chrome is best emerged among the browser in the market. no doubt has very good efficiency and good speed among all the browsers available. google chrome is what I can say a user-friendly browser . even u can also make it working cool with some of my tips described below.

1. Make Chrome use less memory.

Google chrome is the multi tab browser. multi-tab browser means that each tab uses its own source of memory on your computer.this was designed to make online applications run faster. don’t worry about the memory space usage here is the solution  through which you can use the browser by your choice.


this is the default mode of you chrome .in this every tab takes it own memory and make each tab to run with its best speed  and make the browser stable. but it consumes memory


this will make a single process for unique site.if you have two tabs for Google and all other for maventech’ blog then they all will be listed in two process.


The simplest mode; all tabs run in a single process, much like the other browsers we have now. This setting frees up memory for other applications.

Create a shortcut for Chrome. Open the Properties tab. Edit the Target field as shown in the picture by appending –single-process to the path.

2. Manage tabs with the Task Manager

This is an offshoot of Google Chrome’s multi-process nature which allows each tab to run separate from the other. This allows us to manage, reload or shut down each tab without affecting the rest of our browsing. All this can be done through the Task Manager. PressShift and Escape to start the task manager or right click on the blue top bar. An unresponsive tab can be shut down without bringing down the browser by a simple press of the End process button.

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Google Chrome 4.0 unleashed

27 Jan

Google has released its 4.0 version with of course many enhancements. this browser could be downloaded from Google chrome site and even we can upgrade the existing version by following upgrade instructions. since chrome have come a far way and overcoming Firefox.

there are few differences in both the versions they are as follows

1. Bookmark synchronisation

If you’ve got a Google Account (who hasn’t?), Chrome will upload your bookmarks to the web. You can access them via a Google docs folder or even synchronize them all with any other installation of any other browser. As far as I’m aware, Chrome’s is the only browser which gives us this facility.

2. Extensions

Extensions  were not supported in earlier versions but with release in version 3.0 we have to add extensions in command line parameter to the Chrome shortcut.but with the release of this version extensions are available and with the increase in the version they have introduce around 2000 extensions at google website

I like Chrome. It’s a great if you’re surfing the web or using online applications and need a fast, stable browser. In my opinion, Firefox still offers a better all-round experience for power users and developers, but Chrome is catching up fast.

top keywords searched on google in year:2009

12 Jan

Google has released zeitgeist which contains the top keyword list. Google is most commonly and best search engine used over INTERNET. Its very interesting to know the top key word searched over Google last year:2008


The top keyword searched in India are

1.budget 2009

2.kambakth ishq


4.satyam share price


6.michael jackson


8.election results 7 5800

The top how to searches are somehow different(2008) to reduce weight to kiss to earn money to get pregnant to learn english to gain weight to play guitar to create a website to impress a girl to tie a tie

In this post I used term zeitgeist earlier which Google defines as :-“Zeitgeist” means “the spirit of the times”, and Google reveals this spirit through the aggregation of millions of search queries we receive every day. We have several tools that give insight into global, regional, past and present search trends. These tools are available for you to play with, explore, and learn from. Use them for everything from business research to trivia answers.


The top how to searches in year 2009 to kiss

2. to hack

3. to meditate

4. to study

5. to swim

6. to draw

7. to flirt

8. to chat

9. to concentrate

10 to download