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Watch many sports channel live on your computer

15 Mar

Now we all can watch TV live on our computer. what about a situation like you stay in hostel  and you don’t have TV but you have internet connection  and its your favorite team match you just don’t want to miss it nor want to see boring ticker  here is solution you can watch TV on your computer without installing any external or internal hardware. just directly in your media player through your  broadband connection in just few easy steps.

i would just love sharing with you all about some free ware programmed through which we can watch TV live on our computers. this includes all major European football leagues,espn ,wrestling and some our favorite TV stations mtv.and many more.


Live TV

all you need to do is have a latest version of windows media player or real player and good broadband connections

1. lets check the setting of the player

Start the media player, make sure you use the latest version. Right-Click and select Options from the menu. Click on Performance and Change the Buffer Size of Content to 30 seconds.

In real player you select Tools -> Preferences and click on the General -> Playback Settings. The setting Buffer up to 30 seconds is at the bottom of this window.

2.Stream formats which can be used

mms:// and .asx open with windows media player
rtsp:// and .rm / .ram open with real player

3. start streaming manually

Sometimes you need to start streams manually. Use the stream formats information to figure out the program to use.

On windows media player choose File -> Open Url or the shortcut ctrl + u
On real player choose File –> Open




Download from the above link, unzip, start. A channel list will be displayed. Double-click a channel and windows media player should start and begin buffering and displaying.



Download from the above location. This one has an installation script that is unfortunately producing lots of gibberish. The buttons are designed like in every other windows installation script. (left button, choose a directory, 3x middle button). The Channel list is on the left, you see the channel name, the quality of the stream in Kb per second and the users connected to the channel.



Just download and run the installation script on pplive. Its all in English, no need to worry. You need the pplive channel list for it, it does not come with a loaded list.

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Apple comming to cut down home energy bills

18 Jan

save energy turn to greenAs we all know apple is best in saving our favorite sound tracks ,favorite video and apple is arriving to save our home energy bills.

The main concept behind, their patent application described a hardware that will control the amount of energy supplied to different electronic it will manage ho and when to charge iPod or mobile .

this will tell people how the devices could be connected to save power.there is even a plug that can convert ac/dc and control the voltage that how much voltage is needed to run a device.It will also connected with your lcd or moving projectors so you  aware of what thing are using what amount of energy and you can also manage them.

In this race apple is not only the player many big tycoons are in this same race:” how to save energy”


top keywords searched on google in year:2009

12 Jan

Google has released zeitgeist which contains the top keyword list. Google is most commonly and best search engine used over INTERNET. Its very interesting to know the top key word searched over Google last year:2008


The top keyword searched in India are

1.budget 2009

2.kambakth ishq


4.satyam share price


6.michael jackson


8.election results 7 5800

The top how to searches are somehow different(2008) to reduce weight to kiss to earn money to get pregnant to learn english to gain weight to play guitar to create a website to impress a girl to tie a tie

In this post I used term zeitgeist earlier which Google defines as :-“Zeitgeist” means “the spirit of the times”, and Google reveals this spirit through the aggregation of millions of search queries we receive every day. We have several tools that give insight into global, regional, past and present search trends. These tools are available for you to play with, explore, and learn from. Use them for everything from business research to trivia answers.


The top how to searches in year 2009 to kiss

2. to hack

3. to meditate

4. to study

5. to swim

6. to draw

7. to flirt

8. to chat

9. to concentrate

10 to download