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Haiti earthquake claims 1,40,000 lives

16 Jan

Around 1,40,000 people are estimated to have died in the massive earthquake that hit Haiti.

The Haitian government has said that while 40,000 people have been buried, at least a hundred thousand are still under the rubble.

Authorities have also said that the main concern now is that desperation is turning to violence.

There are reports of gangs of robbers preying on survivors desperately awaiting aid. Police are being rushed to the areas from where reports of robberies are coming in.

Some looting broke out in downtown Port-au-Prince, with a body burned and at least two shots fired.

Three days after the earthquake, governments across the world were pouring relief supplies and medical teams into the quake-hit Caribbean state, the poorest in the Western Hemisphere.

But due to huge logistical hurdles, including a clogged airport and badly damaged port, and the sheer scale of the destruction, the aid was not yet reaching the victims.
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