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What is organic traffic ? (via Maventech’s Blog)

11 Oct

What is organic traffic ? Many newbie might not be aware of what does this term organic traffic means. here in this post I will try you make understand with this term and also make you familiar with this term Organic traffic as a definition:it's all the web traffic which is sent to your blog from targeted keywords which searched over the world-wide web using search engines like (Google,Yahoo.Bing,..) the best thing about this traffic is that it is free and unpaid . It doe … Read More

via Maventech's Blog


iTunes updates to 9.1, adds syncing for iPad support,Breaks Sync With Jailbroken Devices?

31 Mar

Apple has updated its free jukebox software for Mac and Windows late afternoon, just in time for the official iPad launch this month. iTunes 9.1 which brings several changes and enhancements, including support for syncing the iPad.In anticipation of the iBookstore, the “Audiobooks” section of iTunes has been renamed to “Books” and now allows users to manage both audio books and eBooks.

Apple says iTunes 9.1 lets you organize and sync books downloaded from the iBooks app on the iPad or manually added to your iTunes library. Like with the iPhone, iPad owners will need to connect their device to Desktop iTunes via a USB cable in order to transfer e-book purchases to their iTunes libraries.

iTunes 9.1 also addressed half a dozen Security issues, including those related to the maliciously crafted images and video files that could allow hackers to execute arbitrary code or launch denial-of-service attacks. Both Mac and windows weigh in at a little over 100MB each and can be downloaded at

However, in addition to the other features mentioned below, some users are reporting that iTunes 9.1 seems to have broken sync on some jailbroken devices. Initially it had appeared that my jailbroken iPhone 3GS was affected, although rebooting my computer re-enabled sync. If you experience issues with syncing your iPhone or iPod touch after applying the update, restarting your computer should fix the problem.

Some good features of this version

  • Synchronization

automatically convert music with a high bitrate down to 128kbps                          AAC when syncing with an iPhone or iPod touch. This feature has                          been present in iTunes for some time, although it was only available                     to iPod nano and Shuffle owners

  • Rename, rearrange or remove Genius Mixes

Genius Mixes has also been updated, adding the ability to rename,                         rearrange, and remove any Genius Mix. Additionally, users can also                     access Genius Mixes via the iTunes DJ feature.

cool Facebook Features

16 Jan

Want to know who joined Facebook because of you

u can always know who have joined Facebook because of you and also to whom you have sent invitation for joining. to know about this you can just go to Invite History Page .

Remote desktop Access (teamviewer)

12 Jan

Teamviewer is a remote desktop sharing software which let you access your friend system remotely.  This is one of the widely used remote desktop software and comes in two version. Free and paid. Teamviewer is free for personal use and for commercial use , like remote support or any thing which genrate money for you using teamviewer , you need to get the paid version of it.

This should be installed on both the machines. here is the procedure for using this software:-

  1. Download it from the link given below
  2. After downloading it you can run the software with or without installing it.
  3. Now in the home screen’s first column your ID and Pass will be there and In the second column there will be a space for entering your friend’s ID.
  4. You should get your friend’s ID and pass from him/her for accessing their Desktop.
  5. After entering the required information click connect.
  6. After this you will be asked for friends password type it correctly.
  7. This is done and now u and your friends can connect to each other at different ends and can use each other desktops.

Download link

Do you use teamviewer or any other remote sharing software? If yes, let us know.


7 Jan


Considering all the attention–grabbing features on this muscular hybrid turntable, make sure that you don’t overlook its most important asset: a slot–load CD player, with MP3 capability. Fear not, because once you start using the X2, you won’t forget all of the great attributes packed into this unit.

Numark’s X2 benefits from the industry’s highest torque, direct–drive motor, which provides the long–term stability and durability that professionals demand. This exceptional turntable employs adjustable pitch control for both 33 and 45 RPM vinyl records, an ultra–precise aluminum tonearm with cue, height, and anti–skate adjustments. Best of all, the X2 utilizes Numark’s patented interchangeable straight or S–shaped tonearm. The X2 is specifically designed for long–term dependable operation with its 12–inch anti–drag aluminum platter and solid core construction (which minimizes vibrations and unwanted noise).

The X2’s CD player offers full MP3 playback capability as well as the ability to scratch, loop, manipulate and pitch adjust both audio and MP3 data CDs. Since both the CD and turntable can be played simultaneously, this double–threat hybrid turntable represents a bridge between the comfort and control of vinyl and the expansive capabilities of digital music output.